A / NÖ: Mistelbach Topotheque online

It was an anniversary for Lower Austria and a great day for the municipality of Mistelbach! Because with this opening ceremony, the already 200th Topotheque of Lower Austria went online. Thanks to the decision of Mayor Erich Stubenvoll, the municipality was able to take advantage of the momentum of the ongoing project “Unsere Gemeinden anno dazumal” of the LEADER region Weinviertel-Ost, in which 35 municipalities of the region are already participating. In the Topotheque Mistelbach, ten cadastral municipalities of the large municipality unite the insight into their past. Representatives from each local team were present to breathe life into a small selection of their pictures from the Topotheque. Whether dignified gentlemen in the Ebendorf castle garden anno 1901, a private Christmas party in 1950 or a photograph from the steam bakery Heindl from the 1930s: a look into the past Weinviertel, into the new Topothek of the district capital Mistelbach is worthwhile!