The sources and the book: Mella Waldstein‘s journey through the lost, forgotten and abandoned Waldviertel

A / NOE / Waldviertel: A Topotheque-related book

Disappeared handicrafts, forgotten work and abandoned places are the topics of which Mella Waldstein‘s new book tries to grasp the last corners with which she leads us through yesterday‘s Waldviertel. Several stations of this journey through a bygone world are illustrated with pictures that have got caught in the Topotheques and thus come to a new, permanent visibility. The author also refers to the Topotheques as historical databases in the first chapter by emphasizing the value of the Topothequers‘ voluntary work. Quite a few commercial changes, such as from the paper maker to the nail salon, can be read in the book and, above all, seen. Description and representation of the old patterns of employment allow the things from back then to be consciously perceived and valued. Perhaps the book encourages some to enjoy a “slow life”, in contrast to the fast men at the Herrenteich in Litschau. All those in love with the Waldviertel can find the book at Styria-Verlag under the title “Das Waldviertel” by Mella Waldstein.