Kinloch Castle: this picture does not suggest that we have a moated castle in front of us in a certain sense: the atlantic ocean surges around the small island © Sheila Mather / KCFA Archive

GB / Isle of Rum: Kinloch Castle Topotheque

With Kinloch Castle, located on the Isle of Rum, Scotland‘s first topotheque went online. The Isle of Rum is part of the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland, is now a nature reserve and looks back on an interesting history. Over the centuries, both early owners and various Scottish clans have left their mark.

The Kinloch Castle hunting lodge, built by the industrialist George Bullough, represents a special focus of this growing picture collection. It was built between 1897 and 1902. When it was completed, this castle was the only place in Scotland that was outside of Glasgow and had a power supply. The picture collection in the Topotheque enables a growing foray through the castle with its opulent furnishings and in-house dental practice. A special highlight is the Orchestrion with its collection of music rolls. In addition to all the nostalgia, you will not be able to avoid the current problems of decay, which can realistically be found in this still young topotheque.