Only part of the varied content of this Topotheque: the index form the Göttweig parish

A / NOE / Mostviertel: Genealogical Topotheque

The Mostviertel genealogical association (mogev) has developed a special Topotheque: it sees itself as a reference work for family research. Unlike a usual Topotheque, in which the digitized sources draw the main focus, in this Topotheque it is the names of the people who are linked to other sources in different archives. This mogev Topotheque is an easy-to-search fund that enables quick access to the originals, which are available in other digital archives, but cannot simply be found there by using name search.

A large inventory comprising around 10,000 entries are those index cards (index of the parish of Göttweig) that were made in the course of the aryan proof research in Göttweig Abbey in order to provide easier – of course still analog – access to the increasing inquiries in the years 1938 to 1944. Another major focus are the results from the family trees (family tables of the parishes of Obergrafendorf and Weinburg), which Dr. Krause, doctor from Obergrafendorf, created two books between 1933 and 1935. In these he worked through the families who lived in his community from 1657 to 1869, and who have now been identified by name. The link takes you to the original handwritten family tables. Of course, the branches of the family trees extend far beyond the borders of the Mostviertel. Now they are easily accessible in this digital form for those who search in other regions. In this Topotheque a number of writings are also available as additional sources. Some only with the title as a link, but many of which the rights to make them available could be obtained can also be accessed in their entirety. Including the precise house chronicle of the villages of Egelsee, Alauntal, Scheibenhof by Helene Eder. The books of the St. Pölten military welfare can also be found here. You will come across it if you search for a name in it: e.g. Schmitz Eleonora Juliana. The war memorials and memorial plaques indexed by name are also useful for the person search, which are now also accessible for the name search.

With the Topotheque, a digital finding aid is now available for these sources so that you do not have to go through all the family trees of the location when looking for a name. With almost 12,000 entries, a solid foundation has been laid that will continue to grow. Be amazed what Martin Böswarh, Elisabeth Kultscher, Helga Priesching, Robert Reiter, Theresia Schmidt and Christine Weiß have already prepared in the Topotheque of the Mostviertel genealogical association!