The village has become a city: mayor Schmidhuber receivies the certiicate. © Stadtarchiv Waldkirchen

D / Bavaria | Waldkirchen: Topotheque online

Of course, our cover photo does not show the opening of the Topotheque, but the celebration when Waldkirchen was chartered to become the youngest town in the Lower Bavarian district of Freyung-Grafenau. It is precisely this date, 1972, that was given as the guideline date for the collection focus for this Topotheque. This is to address the most difficult time from the standpoint of preservation. Difficult because many of the older people do not consider the material from the past 40 years to be worth collecting and many of the younger ones are not yet as interested in the city‘s past as they may be after they have passed their middle age. That is why it is particularly difficult to grasp the images and information of the recent past. In order to prevent this circumstance, city archivist Natanael Fuchs has defined the time since the Waldkirchen was raised to the status of a town in 1972 as a collective motto. The first suggestions for participating in the collection are now visible. Older pictures are also shown, documenting the war damage. The Topotheque of Waldkirchen is still at the beginning and is already looking forward to the material from the residents.