Aerial views always give detailed informations © Torsten Wehlmann

GER / Leipzig | Illustrate the city with letterheads

It doesn‘t always have to be the photo: even old invoices with their splendid depictions of factories and commercial buildings explain a city in a special way, especially when they can be compared in a Topotheque. Torsten Wehlmann has now started to open up this perspective in Leipzig. In connection with the positions and perspectives on the map, a unique topography of the „working city” is created. In addition to the diverse geographical information – aerial views are often to be seen, which also show the surroundings of the factories – there is detailed evidence of the branches of production and the products themselves. Some things and places have changed, but much of it has disappeared from the city: You know, what is “gose”? The Goedecke company produced it. Have a look!