Splinters from the student life of several European cities will be visible in the "They: Live" -topotheques in the future. @ Vladimir Jakolić, Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti

EU + HR / Zagreb | They: Live Student’s Lives as EU Project

A new EU project, in which Topotheque also plays a role, has been started. Based on the documentation of student life in different European cities, this project called „They: Live“ aims to develop an efficient interdisciplinary method that includes digital archives as a resource for participatory art practices. The results of this project are used as guidelines for managers of cultural institutions and artists. „They: Live – Zagreb Topoteka“ was the first of 7 Topotheques to be launched. As a demonstration for the other project participants, this initially small Topotheque has already been put online in order to be able to give an impression of which material is in demand: in general, it is student life from the Second World War until today in the context of everyday life. Dormitories, cultural habits and free time of the students, interpersonal relationships as well as social and political engagement of the students. For the Topotheque landscape, it is an interesting approach that – unlike a geographical center – takes a phase of life, in this case student life, as the topic of a Topotheque. For more details please also visit https://www.icarushrvatska.hr