When politics takes a break: Chancellor Leopold Figl on a triple baptism © Monika Rochling

A / NOE | Sulz im Weinviertel online

Again another municipality in the LEADER region Weinviertel Ost, the market town of Sulz in the Weinviertel of Lower Austria has made its Topotheque visible as part of the “Our municipalities in the past” project. Sulz got its name from the location on a creek, namely after a general term for wetland or swamp. In return, Sulz also gave the brook its name: it is called Sulzbach (bach = brook) throughout its course up to the confluence with the river March, which forms the boarder with Slovakia. The fact that such an inconspicuous brook as the small Sulzbach can reach unpredictable dimensions can be clearly seen in the photos from the flood in 1983. A special feature of the community‘s history is the visit of Leopold Figl, at that time between his terms of office as Federal Chancellor and Foreign Minister, when he presumably acted as godfather for a triple baptism. Does anyone know anything more to say about it?