The Topotheque in Schönkirchen-Reyersdorf is kicked off: Fritz Weiss plays in defense, 1965 @ SC Reyersdorf-Schönkirchen

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It has been 50 years since the two communities Schönkirchen and Reyersdorf in Lower Austria‘s Weinviertel were merged into one large community. For this anniversary, the past of the two communities, with all their characteristic features, but above all with their similarities, should be made visible in pictures and memories. To this end, at the invitation of Mayor Alexander Gary, the Topothequers Walter Engelmayer, Sonja Fallnbügl, Georg Gary, Susanne Hillerbrand, Josef Neustifter, Andrea Seiler, Anton Stoschka and Herwig Wolff made over 1,000 entries visible. The „3 F“ of Reyersdorf – fire brigade, football and freibad (outdoor pool) – are already documented here as well as many events in Schönkirchen, including the 300th parish anniversary. The entries include a number of parts that keep the memory of the deceased community citizens alive. Apart from the life data for genealogy and memories for relatives and friends, these can also offer some surprises. So you can – actually quite unhistorical, because timeless – come across the explanation for the well-known greeting of Hawaii! Did you know?