Musikverein Ladendorf in 1960. The background is also typical of the time: a rolled wall pattern. © Anna Pillwein

A / NOE | LEADER Weinviertel Ost: Ladendorf online

With the Topotheque of the market town of Ladendorf in Lower Austria‘s Weinviertel region, another local Archive has gone online as part of the LEADER project “Our communities in the past”. The basis of this still young Topotheque are the postcards and photos, digitized some years ago, which now serve as points of contact for the population and those who have moved away in order to be able to enrich the collection with further historical evidence. The photos of the new building of the church in the village of Neubau represent a special feature seldom seen: the construction of a dome built of concrete. Two further finds should be highlighted as detailed aspects that are often side by side in a collection, namely the curious as well as the sad: for today‘s eyes, the beard fashion of the assembled all-male municipal council from 1915 is the amusing example, on the other hand, the stamp on a postcard, that such may not be served in a Russian prison camp: „therefore return“.