A petrol stationary engine, as it was used to drive the harvester © Gerhard Wanko

A / NOE | Kautzen Topotheque getting running

Two that make a perfect team: In the beginning there was the Chronicle. This was followed by the local Topotheque. These two communication channels in the Waldviertel municipality of Kautzen show how the written book and the loose but easily searchable digital collection complement each other perfectly. Not every photo can be published in a book, but a continuous thread of text can be spun instead. And a Topotheque cannot tell the story of a local history aspect, but can collect evidence for it. After the municipalities of Vitis and Gastern, Kautzen is now the third municipality in the Waidhofen an der Thaya district to have created a digital collection for citizens in the form of a Topotheque. It is developed and looked after by Topothequers Franz Biedermann, Franz Eglau, Gottfried Eggenhofer and Gerhard Wanko. You can find more information about our cover picture in the Kautzen Topotheque.