Characteristic landscape, typical architecture. Stockberg near Walding © Loisi Mühlbauer

A / OOE | Walding Topotheque online

Why start and maintain a Topotheque? The Topothequers of the new Topotheque of Walding, which was born as a New Year‘s baby, so to speak, answer these fundamental questions on the contact page of their Topotheque. For Topothequer Willi Zauner it is his historical awareness and closeness to home of. Topothequer Doris Lucan explains her motivation with the words: “Over the years I have created an extensive archive on Walding‘s history. I would like to make the information contained therein publicly available.” Heidemarie Rosenauer is motivated to pass on the knowledge about history so that the next generations can shape their future in a meaningful way. For Ingrid Plakolm, the chairwoman of the Volksbildungswerk, it was a matter of the heart to keep the history of her community accessible and to organize the Walding Topotheque.

At the start of the Walding Topothek, over 750 images can already be seen. In addition to the local history, you can also find a number of everyday things that will be remembered by many who experienced the 1960s, especially as children. Do you remember what a glucose package (Traubenzucker) looked like in 1965 and what it was called? Flowers are also subject to a fashion – when was the last time you saw asters?