The window to the past is open: House number 37 in Hagendorf © Johann Hiller

A / NOE | Fallbach Topotheque online

In the northern Weinviertel, south of Laa an der Thaya, is the municipality of Fallbach with the cadastral villages Friebritz, Hagenberg, Hagendorf and Loosdorf, which opened the digital window on the history of the municipality with a Topotheque on January 1st, 2021. Mayor Josef Kerbl thanks everyone who contributed to the Fallbach Topotheque for their great work and requests “to continue to provide the Fallbach Topotheque team with valuable material in the future. In this way posterity can later participate in the past life in the Fallbach community ”. There still are certainly many young people from the wider area who attende classes in the agricultural school in Loosdorf. Perhaps some of them can still remember this time and their classmates and can contribute to the new Topotheque with pictures or information.