Vammalan Kisa on its first season in the league in 1970. © Saku Metsälä

FI | Sastamala Showing a sports archive

This autumn, the Topothequers of the Finnish Sastamala Topotheque experimented with the Topotheque as a publishing platform for a slightly different recording project. Emma Kurki, curator at the Sastamala Museum, tells: The person who compiled the history of the local sports club Tyrvään Kisa published the its historical images in the Topotheque. The aim was to collect original sources, less written text. I think the whole thing was a great success – the material can now be browsed in order and the recording process was, of course, much lighter than traditional paper publishing. As a bonus, we did definitely receive a new committed Topothequer.

Maybe, you also try using Topoteque for this style of incorporating individual archives. The keywords can be shown in the “Themes”-Lists for a better access. The publications at Sastamala’s Topotheque can be found under the keyword “Tyrvään Kisa“.