Three ducks on the pond tell a remarkable style of graphics. Author: Tina Kofler

A / OOE | Kremsmuenster Topotheque online

The pre-Christmas period was the reason for the start of the Topotheque of the market town of Kremsmünster in the Upper Austrian Traunviertel: In order to keep the images of the virtual Advent calendar, which was presented on the community website in December, visible after Christmas, the Topotheque went online with the first entries. In addition to photos, there will also be graphic works, of which this representation of three ducks invites you to discover more. Click into the new Kremsmünster Topotheque and find out on which pond the ducks are swimming. You will be no less astonished at the time the image was created and perhaps also that it was a woman who created this work.