Unmistakable from a bird´s eye view: the "Rundanger" (round green) village with the cultivated areas. © Dorfgemeinschaft Hanfthal

A / NOE | Hanfthal Topotheque online

The memorable form of settlement makes Hanfthal unmistakable from the air. Where the pizza-shaped vegetable fields for personal use were once laid out, is now the collectively usable football field. But the characteristic shape of the “Rundanger” (common property green in the middle of the village) has been preserved. This and much more can be found in the more than 2,000 entries in the new Topotheque of Hanfthal, a place in the municipality of Laa an der Thaya in the northern part of Lower Austria. A clearly structured system of topics makes the numerous entries in this Topotheque easily accessible. With the search term „field work“ you will find quite a few hits that show how we came to something as natural as onions. And that you took the small children with you to work in the field. Perhaps someone else can tell you how it happened with the Drusch-Gemeinschaft (threshing community)? The Topothequers in Hanfthal look forward to your information.