Swimming pools are used for water sports. When the water freezes, so does ice skating © Collection WH, Berndorf

A / NOE | City of Berndorf Topotheque online

Another Topotheque has gone online in Triestingtal, Lower Austria. In addition to the „Berndorf Werk“ Topotheque, the municipality itself is now represented with its Topotheque. With this, Berndorf would also like to show the historical evidence of life away from the workplace, which for many Berndorf residents was and sometimes still is the center of their professional lives. The steelworks and the community are closely linked, because since the Krupp company built the factory facilities in the 1840s, many of the community facilities have also come about through company initiatives. Workers‘ apartments, school, city theater and the domed St. Margaret‘s Church are still symbols of the up-and-coming industry in Triestingtal.

The memories from the agricultural and commercial world of work and the photos that show how people spend their free time – and of course the people themselves – should form the focus of the Topothek Berndorf‘s collection. The beginning has been made and Sandra Trost (tourism) and the Topothequers Norbert Bornatowicz, Günter Neubauer, Herta Simon and Susanne Schmieder-Haslinger are looking forward to further memorabilia from the population.