Skiing on the doorstep with the troubles of 1963: ski binding with a cable that was wrapped around the shoe and tightened with the folding lever. © Biberbach municipal archive

A / NOE | Biberbach Topotheque online

In the municipality of Biberbach in the Amstetten district in the West of Lower Austria, the Topotheque, which went online on December 24th, invites you on a journey „on which we can see our current environment in a new way,“ as Mayor Fritz Hinterleitner puts it sensitively. This review can already be carried out from 1,200 points of view. If you want to know what the snow situation was like in Biberbach in earlier winters, the simple search term “snow” leads to 43 “travel destinations”, including this cover picture, when you can still spend your free time in the snow within walking distance spent.

The Topothequers Brigitte Hofschwaiger and Heidi Ramskogler have compiled a comprehensive overview of the past of the community with the holdings of the community archive, but also with numerous private items and made it easily searchable. One of the oldest photos leads us to the Ober-Angerhof, a farm that was traditionally thatched. Starting from this, you can search for “thatched roof” to travel to another 22 buildings that were also thatched, one of them dating back to even 1952. This approach is helpful for those who are interested in local history and also to those who want to explore details of the building history in general. And anyone interested in clothing history will also find what they are looking for with the search term „Vierfleck“.