Does the pastor play along here? Maybe someone from the audience knows. © Brigitte Fabian

A / NOE |Gross-Schweinbarth Topotheque launched

On the name day of the Lower Austrian patron saint, St. Leopold, the Topotheque of the market town of Gross-Schweinbarth went online. Gross-Schweinbarth is located in the eastern Weinviertel in the Gänserndorf district and was developed by the Gänserndorf-Mistelbach regional railway, which has now been closed, even in the era before the automobile. Meierhof and Hofkeller, hospital building and castle, which was formerly built as a moated castle, as well as the rectory and the church of St. Martin are historical features.

With the first 250 entries posted by the Topothequers Edith Mauritsch and Gerti Nödl, you can already take a detailed walk through the past. In addition to the old views, you can already get to know many people visually and also find some paper certificates: Unfortunately, no one will be able to remember the school conditions at the turn of the century in person, but perhaps the leaflet that calls for Easter confessions and communion in spring 1948. It is noteworthy that separate dates were provided for the sexes. For many, even outside of Gross-Schweinbarth, the discount card of the local general store will be able to fill up a pale memory with color.

Topothequer Edith Mauritsch formulates the motto of the Topotheque with the words: „The history of a community is the sum of the stories of its citizens. There are big stories and small, funny stories and sad, moving stories and even bizarre ones. Behind each of these stories there is a person and every person leaves traces. Preserving these traces, giving them faces and voices – before they disappear into the fog of time – is the aim of the Topotheque.“