When agriculture was still done without machines: beans threshed in the Minorite´s farm © Franz Sarer

A / NÖ | Asparn an der Zaya Topotheque online

We welcome the new Topothek from Asparn an der Zaya in the eastern Weinviertel of Lower Austria with a rare picture. Most of the photos are taken on the festive days, when people dressed up like to face the camera. In everyday life, on the other hand, a camera was rarely with me. Anyone who owned one at all saved the expensive films for something special. With a greater time lag, this image has turned from something everyday into something special. A document that records the ordinary, namely the threshing of beans. Many will be surprised that beans also have to be freed from their shells in this way in order to process them further.

Fortunately, numerous pictures of everyday life have been preserved in Asparn an der Zaya and thanks to the initiative of the local Topothek team with Karl Baumgartner, Rosalia Brunnhuber, Johann Hackl, Karl Kummerecker, Maria Marschal, Franz Sarer, Hermann Wolf, and Gudrun Zawrel-Eberlein become visible. Look inside!