When the traffic wasn´t as heavy as it is today. Photograph: Lidija Lukačić, Public Domain

HR | Prelog Topotheque online

In northern Croatia the Prelog Topotheque has gone online. This new archive wants to show the life of ordinary people with an emphasis on culture, art and architecture. In contrast to previous documentations of the history of Prelog, the Topotheque will focus less on economic development than on the everyday life of the “ordinary people“ who constitute the rich social life of the community.

The old photographs, documents, postcards, messages, thoughts and letters should be breathed into life and thus enable as many people as possible to immerse themselves in the past in a simple way. Living history should be preserved for new generations and the Topotheque of Prelog will appeal not only to citizens, but also to students, teachers, professors, researchers and anyone interested in the history of the city of Prelog.

Topothequers Dominika Lukačić-Murković and Maja Lesinger are certain that „materials from private collections, albums and chests will find their way into the houses of the curious, no matter where they are. This is how the historical treasure is finally discovered and made visible and usable for everyone. Have a look!