Buslinie 216 from Mödling to Münchendorf. Who still remembers it? © Günter Bramböck

A / NÖ | Biedermannsdorf runs regularly

It‘s not a special picture for the elderly, but for the younger ones, who now take buses to schools, it seems very old: when the ÖBB buses were presented in orange and wore a logo typical of the time. The production of adhesive films with color gradients had only just become technically possible, which is why such shades can be found in the letters. The Topotheque of Biedermannsdorf, which has picked up speed in this market town south of Vienna, is greeted with this fresh splash of color. Topothequer Günter Bramböck has already put together a considerable cross-section of the community‘s history, in which many Biedermannsdorf residents can refresh their memories.

It is particularly important to support community life in places that are close to a large city where a lot of leisure time is spent. The Topotheque should contribute to this. The pictures of an imperial automobile, everyday life and rare views of the town, including a Tour of Austria (cycling race) and memories of private and public occasions, are a good basis for appreciating your own place of residence.

Just as the Fink brothers explore the past in their father‘s vintage car, we wish you many finds in the Biedermannsdorf Topothek that you can enjoy!