"Pockerl" is the name of the straw that is set up to dry. Obviously a popular playground for children in the interwar period. © Gemeinde Markersdorf-Haindorf

A | Markersdorf-Haindorf online

A particularly extensive Topotheque has gone online for the market town of Markersdorf-Haindorf in Lower Austria. The Topotheque team, with Franz Nagl, Georg Schwab, Erwin Cech and Anna Rabacher as well as Stephanie Birgmayr as the contact person at the municipal office, has made a detailed representation of the local history in addition to the photographs: starting with old plan extracts, the embedding of the community in its environment is shown. Numerous newspaper clippings paint a moral picture, reproducing not only reports but also private advertisements and documenting that the local newspapers were also an important means of communication for private concerns – you may call it “social media”. Warnings against defamation, reparations, apologies and thank you notices show that the newspaper had a role as a social medium. In addition to the reports themselves, it is also interesting which topics were previously worth reporting. The fact that in 1908 the pastor was fetched by car during the blessing of the deceased mayor to perform an anointing of a sick three kilometers away, is just one of the numerous curiosities that can be read in this Topotheque.

The fact that official photos also show unexpected details can be seen in the contemporary photo of the certificate for the award of the market emblem. The certificate still looks like this today, but the pattern on the wall probably no longer. Can you still remember the patterns that were rolled on the walls with rubber rollers? Several paint applications with different colors only resulted in the complete sample. Just have a look around the new Topotheque in Markersdorf-Haindorf, you will definitely find other things worth seeing.