The Topotheque of Säkylä is one of the largest in Finland. Säkylä has a long history in Finnish sugar industry which can also be noted looking at their Topotheque. Photo: Niilo Ojala's photo archive, Säkylä. CC BY-NC.

FI | Finnish Topotheques have over 15 000 objects

Finland has already 14 Topotheques. The largest of them is Ylöjärvi’s Topotheque which already has almost 7000 images, documents, videos and audio files. In the second size groups are the Topotheques of Säkylä, Hailuoto and Suodenniemi which each have between 1500-2000 objects. In the third size group are the Topotheques of Taivassalo, Lieto and Piikkiö which each have over 500 objects. Topotheques of Sastamala, Mikkeli, Mäntsälä, Sápmi and recently published Sievi all have several hundred objects. In all, the Finnish Topotheques contain over 15 000 objects from 17th Century to present day.

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