With the scooter mobile in the country: summervacation in the 1950s © Karl Hochhauser

A | Winzendorf - Muthmannsdorf online

In the heat of summer, The Topotheque of the Lower Austrian municipality of Winzendorf-Muthmannsdorf went online, which we are presenting here with a picture of the „Sommerfrische (summer freshness)“, as they called the holiday for city dwellers in the country in Austria. Located on the eastern edge of the Alps, it was still reasonably easy to reach for visitors from Vienna with a „Felber T400“ micro car. For the start of the Topotheque, Franz and Elisabeth Hofer, with the help of Karl Hochhauser, put together an informative cross-section of the local history. In the next few weeks, the new Topotheque will be presented to the residents in more detail and the Topothequers look forward to support in their work. Can anyone still recognize children from the 1st grade of the village school from 1899?