Roof shingles and simple lifting gear: The working conditions of church building in the early 1960s. Photographer: Miklós Bernáth, © Rajna Gyula, Pastor

HU | Fehérvárcsurgó: Topotheque online

Now a Topotheque in Hungary, namely Fehérvárcsurgó, has gone online. This Hungarian municipality is located in the Fejér county in the north of the city of Székesfehérvár on the road to Győr. A landmark of the community is the Karoly Castle, which is presented to visitors in a restored state. Unlike usual, the Topothek Fehérvárcsurgó starts with a solitary theme, namely the renovation of the local Catholic church in the early 1960s. These pictures clearly illustrate the comparison between old and new building status and it shows that some conversions of the past hundred years have been restored to their original condition. For example, on the eastern transverse wing and on the round window, the door underneath which was closed again. The original portal was found under the plaster and opened. In addition to the architectural history, these pictures are also valuable documents for the working and living style of this time: vibrating sieve, women who bring the food, ox carts and simple lifting tools with ropes instead of a mobile crane and much more provide an insight into everyday life in the 1960s. We invite you to have a look!