The traditional children's festival parade in 1968 © Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Dieing

GER | Allgäu Topotheque of Isny online

Actually, the people of Isny ​​wanted to celebrate the 400-year-old children‘s and homeland festival this year with a big anniversary. But this year everything is different, and so it says: „Just luêgê – it feirê“!
Melanie Lanz, who started the Isny ​​Topotheque together with the Stadtmuseum (City Museum) Isny, explains it very simply: „Because we love old pictures and because no one can find them in a shoe box, we start our Isny ​​Topotheque with a first selection of pictures from past festivals“. So you can immerse yourself in the variety of different children‘s parades right from the start, admire the type of costumes and some people from Isny ​​will even find themselves on one of these pictures.
A nice side effect of the parade: Since it has been walking through Isny‘s streets for many years, the development of the houses, shops and inns can be followed in the background of the pictures. And that should be the starting point for the further growth of the top store in Isny.

In the background there is also a nice detail for automotive history: a Zündapp Janus, the small car in which the passengers sat back to back. It can be seen here that this strange vehicle not only stood in showrooms, but actually drove on the streets.

The museum´s Topotheque display that can be used for indoor and outdoor presentations © Melanie Lanz