Proud of the 5,000th entry in the Topotheque of Wiener Neustadt – in front of the City Archive: Prof. Franz Pinczolits, Historian, Dr. Gerhard Geissl, Director of the City Archive Wiener Neustadt, the Topothequers Günter Wiesenhofer, Manfred Lechner, Prof. Mag. Franz Kampichler, vice mayor Mag. Dr. Rainer Spenger, Alexander Schatek, Topotheque, Dr. Hermann Mayrhofer, magistrate director Nikolaus Dopler © Carina Pürer, Amtsblatt Wiener Neustadt

A – NÖ | Wiener Neustadt Celebrating 5,000 entries

With a meeting in the city archives of Wiener Neustadt, the city‘s Topotheque celebrated the “anniversary” picture together with the deputy mayor and department head Rainer Spenger, the director of the city council Nikolaus Dopler and the director of the archive Gerhard Geissl: It is also one for connoisseurs of the old Wiener Neustadt difficult task to find out what it actually shows. The unusual perspective of a church that is known per se leads to an eye-opening effect when you see the explanation and the location on the map.

The Wiener Neustädter Topothek, the city‘s digital archive, has been available online for exactly four years and provides the residents with exciting insights into historical photos, postcards, videos or written documents.

„The Topotheque in Wiener Neustadt is THE instrument for digitally archiving historical information and making it generally accessible,“ said Second Vice Mayor Rainer Spenger, „The activation of the 5,000th picture is a milestone that shows us two things above all: on the one hand that the Topothequers around Franz Pinczolits do an excellent job and develop the Topotheque excellently – on the other hand that there is a great deal of interest among the residents, information and treasures available in private households. I would like to thank you as the responsible city councilor and look forward to many more pictures and documents in the Topotheque.”