Regional Topothequer´s Meeting in Prinzersdorf: Franz Nagl, Georg Schwab, Erwin Cech, Karl Furtner, Anton Oezelt, Karl Eichinger, Walter Oezelt, Walter Bachinger, Stefan Kreuzmann, Anton Rameder, Georg Lohfink, Josef Schaberger © Josef Schaberger mit Selbstauslöser

A – NÖ | Prinzersdorf Regional Meeting

Just as people used to be mobile in the past, so too must the Topotheques and should be their Topothequers, because local history extends beyond the municipal boundaries. In order to exchange experiences and to discuss common standards in connotation, 12 Topothequers from the Lower Austrian region of the Lower Pielach valley, which lies west of the NÖ state capital St. Pölten, met in Prinzersdorf. The Topotheques of the municipalities of Hafnerbach, Haunoldstein, Markersdorf-Haindorf and Prinzersdorf came together here in the assembly hall of the municipal office. The Topothekque in Markersdorf-Haindorf is still in preparation and will go online in autumn with an already large 4-digit number of entries. A few recent highlights of these topotheques should only be presented in key words, please follow the links: In Hafnerbach: Class books from the late 19th century from 1870 on. In Haunoldstein: an extensive inventory of the townscape from 2017, which is excellent for the historians of the future. Prinzersdorf: only with good local knowledge one can locate this photograph in the village, because it looks so urban: leather coat, motorcycle and cellar workshop in the 1920s.