Precise presentation was already in the late 19th century. Sheet 4 from the textbook by C. Alberti, 1898 © Günter Maresch

Thematic Topotheque: History of Geometry teaching

Masking tape, toothbrush and spray grille, who still knows that? The Topotheque „Raumgeometrieunterricht“ shows that a topotheque can also be used for topics other than local knowledge. This Topotheque was created to record the development and importance of geometry teaching in Austria -– from the ink drawings at the end of the 19th century to the use of CAD more than 100 years later, from the applications and the importance of good spatial geometry education not only in construction and mechanical engineering, but also to understand the development of spatial intelligence. Curricula, drawings, models, drawing devices, textbooks, methodology and didactics, training of teachers, applications … everything has changed.
This Topotheque was initiated in March 2019 by Thomas Müller at the suggestion of Werner Gems and filled from the beginning together with Klaus Scheiber, who made valuable contributions.

Teachers will be able to remember the old and current from geometry teaching. And former students may discover a forgotten work example from a long-gone school life.