Dam break in the course of river Zaya in 1963 © Municipality of Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf

A | Topotheque launched: Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf

As part of a LEADER-Project in the Region WeinviertelOst, in the northeast of Lower Austria, the Topotheqe has gone online. The water has already set some tasks here, as you can see in the photos of the dam break in 1963, which is remembered by many in particular. A series of photos with which the tedious security measures are documented can already be found in this new Topotheque. One also discovers a remarkable accuracy of a craftsman‘s bill: A bricklayer‘s bill shows that in 1898 the bill was made in bricklaying, apprentice and boy days. And he also did not forget this detail: Fl 1.60 was charged for the „brush wear“. Check out the remarkable pieces that Topthequers Lukas Bock and Daniel Weber have already published: ringelsdorf-absdorf.topothek.at