Topotheque Geng has been erected © Union Geng

A | Topotheque Geng has been erected

Each (May) tree has its history. His rings show how the situation was in its growth phase.
The Topothek Geng has also grown steadily. “A ring” was constantly added. She also wants to tell stories, bring back memories, bring forgotten things back up, tell stories, because „tradition is not the adoration of the ashes, but the passing on of fire“.
And so the fire is supposed to be lit for many people who let the topotheque continue to grow with old photos from their stock.
Working and communicating is essential to create a complete work. With this in mind, please send the request to all those who have knowledge, stories or images from the past of the Geng area to the Topothek: Hans Pargfrieder, email:
Start with a very memorable event in Geng: The inauguration of the Marienkirche, which was created by the private initiative of the Genevan population. Through the constant help and cooperation of the entire population, our church is still an essential center of local life.
Who wants to find Geng in reality: a beautiful, tranquil place, about 20 km north of Linz, Eidenberg municipality.