Scheideldorf, a part of Göpfritz, in summer: you carry the sun protection with you because the noble pallor is in vogue. © Karl Dienstl

A | Topotheque launched Göpfritz an der Wild

Communication within the municipality and its localities is the motto of the Topotheque of Göpfritz an der Wild that has just become visible.
As the coordinator of the Topotheque of Göpfritz, Franz Rabl has brought together local archaeologists, archivists, local museums, private historians and collectors as well as, of course new at the table, Topothequers.
With the creation of this digital collection, which is only the visible part of a huge iceberg of historic sources, you are working on a project “from generations for generations” that aims to document and pass on the cultural heritage and the representation of the natural environment.
If time permits, Topotheque evenings, Cafe Digital and storytelling meetings with the population are planned. The Topotheque serves as a central point of communication for the lively design of historical information combined with entertainment. In the form of infotainment, the local knowledge can be easily conveyed.
Franz Rabl speaks of stimulating social conversation, with which a “culture-nature identity” can be created for the next generations.
The first glimpses of the time before 1945 are the Gasthaus zum Grünen Baum (Green Tree Inn), an early postcard from Breitenfeld, the cattle trough in Georgenberg, the first consumer branch in Göpfritz an der Wild, a look into a school room at the Gymnasium in Kirchberg an der Wild, the worn remains of a photo of the Greissler in Merkenbrechts (General store) the smithy in Scheideldorf and a fire drill in Schönfeld. The mosaic of an extensive commemorative picture of the community can grow well at these key points.