The Topotheque of Kreuzstetten is "set up": Barrelproduction in Kreuzstetten © Johann Mayer

A | Topotheque launched: Kreuzstetten

The new Topotheque of Kreuzstetten is another Topotheque in the Lower Austrian Weinviertel. See for yourself which historical details can already be found here. Can anyone still remember an HMW Conny? The photo of a Goliath GP 700 is certainly a special pleasure for car enthusiasts. So that plant lovers do not miss out, the picture from Wienerstraße 6 should also be pointed out: When were which ornamental plants used in the small gardens? Is this type of flower still common today? The opened window shows that the wing has the old sliding lock instead of newer rotary type. Anyone who has still used these handles will feel the hand movement in the memory again. In a word, there are again many details of the past everyday life, which can also be interesting for circles beyond the local history.