The topotheque is more than a tool kit. It is a community of kindred spirit whose protection and accessibility of local history is important to. A newsletter keeps all of the topotheque managers up to speed and the same level of knowledge. Blogs and meetings of the topothequers offer a forum for discussion for everyone wanting to exchange experiences and requests. Technical support as well as assistance concerning content is available at all times.


The cooperation of the topotheque with regional and local organizations as well as its‘ connection to ICARUS – the international network of archives – feeds the topotheque the power to grow. It is this cooperation which forms the basis of ensuring the principle of the topotheque – to secure the public accessibility to local historic sources permanently and sustainably.

The efforts enabling said principles are carried out to the most extend by volunteers. The joy of providing materials and knowledge are the engine fueling the topotheque. We are looking forward to your collaboration!

EU project “co:op”

Within the frameworks of the EU-funded project „co:op – community as opportunity. the creative archives and users network“, the topotheque expands beyond the borders of Austria. The topotheques which get set up during the project’s lifetime (2014-2018) will be visible beyond the funding period.