Tko može sudjelovati


Everyone who owns photos, videos, exhibits or knowledge that can be applied to an already existing topotheque, is invited to provide this material in digital to the respective topotheque manager who will in turn take care of the respective publication.


In the classic application, the municipality functions as operator of a topothque. This topotheque serves as continuously growing reservoir for historical information and images, provided by the population. In many municipalities, the topotheque has turned into a sure-fire success, thanks to the relentless committment of the topotheque managers.


The topotheque is suited especially for documenting the history of an association. The quick detection of events, locations and persons is the pivotal advantage of the topotheque. Simple summon all photos tagged with “John Doe” on your screen.


It is a business’ gesture of cultural responsibility to have its history documented by volunteers and/or retired employees. By documenting the history of a business jointly as part of the corporate culture, staff retention can be strengthened – beyond company affiliation. This way being able to enrich the writing of a business’ history is a main advantage of a topotheque that is run by the business itself.