Topotheque contribution

Awards for the topotheque

2013 Erasmus EuroMedia Awards “Seal of Approval”

2013 National state price Multimedia and e-Business; Knowledge, Education, news and information – 2nd place

2012  Comenius medal of the GPI in Berlin

2012  Project competition Lower Austria rural and urban renewal – 1st place

2012  Creative Industries – in Lower Austrian regions 2010/1011 – 2nd place

2010  Ideenpreis Lower Austria – under the top 3

2011  Lower Austrian price for innovation – recognition

2011  Cultural price Bruck an der Leitha – 3rd place

Topotheque and ICARUS

ICARUS (International Centre for Archival Research), headquartered in Vienna (AT), is a network of more than 180 archives from over 34 European countries plus Canada and the US aiming at linking archives all over the world and therewith create ideal synergies for research and cooperation.