The orange traffic is no obstacle to the traditional sitting in front of the house. © Franz Lehner

D / Bayern: Prutting Presentation and Opening

The tranquil village of Prutting is located in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, in the district of Rosenheim. Historically, Prutting looks back on a 1000-year history, as the first settlement of the place can be traced back to the year 924. Archaeological finds and the Roman crossing of the Inn, the Pons Aeni between the provinces of Raetia and Noricum, are particularly noteworthy. In the course of the administrative reforms in Bavaria, Prutting was elevated to an independent political community in 1818, whose self-confidence is still expressed today by many individual monuments, such as historic farmhouses and chapels, which characterize the townscape. The landscape of Prutting is dominated by the surrounding lakes. Hofstätter See, Rinsee, Siferlinger See and Simssee make the landscape around the village impressive.

In Prutting itself, too, the water can be found in the form of the village pond, called Pruttinger Mösl. The motto of the evening: “The basis of remembrance for our community on the Internet”, the opening and presentation of the Prutting topotheque took place in the local school. Mayor Johannes Thusbaß and Alexander Schatek invited the interested audience to a journey into Prutting’s past to remember, research and marvel. You may also do the latter when you get to know the tradition of the wedding tree.