Mayor Petra Baumgartner (left) with Topothequer Günther Wenth, Vice Mayor Gertraud Eckerstorfer and Vice Mayor Manfred Kobler © Marktgemeinde Neuhofen an der Krems

A / OOE: Neuhofen/ Krems: Honoring the Topothequer

Although the Neuhofen an der Krems Topotheque is privately operated, topothequer Günther Wenth was honored by the municipality for setting up the online collection. The honor ceremony, which takes place every two years, recognizes people who have made outstanding contributions to the market town with their “voluntary and extraordinary commitment”. Günther Wenth has single-handedly created a comprehensive historical archive of finds around Neuhofen. Like “the social life of a society,” the Topotheque also requires “voluntary work and private initiative,” explained Mayor Petra Baumgartner. With this same commitment, Günther Wenth has provided an impressive collection of memorabilia in his Topotheque since July 10th of this year. Browse through more than three thousand memorabilia in the Topotheque from and for Neuhofen an der Krems.