Handover of the Sternbergergut farm in 1948: what tasks await the new owner family? © Messner

A / OOE: Waldneukirchen: Topotheque online

The Topotheque of the municipality of Waldneukirchen has gone online with a representative mixture of entries. Like other Topotheques around the city of Steyr, this one was also suggested by the LEADER region of the Traunviertler Alpenvorland. In addition to the pictures of celebratory occasions such as bell consecration, First Mass, weddings and gold-bonnet women, there are also many pictures of everyday crafts such as woodwork, construction sites, machine threshing, peening, bringing hay and much more from the interwar period. Even if the purpose of the work is recognizable in these images, so are the work clothes and work tools, perhaps also the buildings, which served the craft. As an incidental curiosity among the rarely documented oddities of the past, reference should be made to image 345444. For some time, a telephone receiver with buttons was considered to be the achievement of the ultimative technical development goal. Those who come from Waldneukirchen are bound to discover acquaintances or even relatives from earlier times.