A large group of prospective Topothequers with LEADER manager Susanne Kreinecker (back left) and Alexander Schatek (right) for the first training session in Pupping. © Hans Aumayr

A / OOE: Eferdinger Land: Workshop

As part of a regional project, ten local Topotheques are being set up in the LEADER region of Eferdinger Land. The first training session with Alexander Schatek took place in Pupping‘s municipal office. LEADER manager Susanne Kreinecker is delighted with the great interest that was able to arouse over 20 enthusiasts for the first Topotheque workshop. The same number of future Topothequers have registered for another training session. In the talks and plans for the further procedure, a number of collections were discussed which will be made accessible to the public in the new Topotheques and which in turn can open up new private sources. As a next step, the first digital copies will be entered into the new Topotheque and experiences will be exchanged in a workshop. Keywording depth, systematics of topic lists and assessment of digitization quality are on the agenda. The first Topotheques in the Eferdinger Land region will go online as early as autumn.