Rarely are the pictures without special features. That´s why this photo is so special, because it documents everyday life. Main street in Waidendorf. © Franz Fleckl

A/NOE: Dürnkrut-Waidendorf: Topotheque online

The municipality of Dürnkrut-Waidendorf is located in the east of the Weinviertel, on the border river March. In their picture collection, Johann Ribisch, Rudolf Friedrich and Manfred Winterstein have placed a strong focus on the period before 1960, which also includes many illustrations of everyday life. The condition of the unpaved roads, which appear almost impassable for pedestrians, is particularly striking on the older pictures and postcards, as the postcard of Carl Tuschl‘s inn clearly shows as one example of many. On the other hand, exceptional situations such as floods were an occasion to take the previously expensive photographs. In addition to documenting the actual reason for the photo, they provide a number of rare town views that allow the towns of Waidendorf and Dürnkrut to be reconstructed. The fact that construction machines were not available in the early 1950s can be seen from the pictures of the sports field construction, in which the volunteer sports enthusiasts lent a hand with shovels and cramps. The horses still helped to transport the earth. The period from the beginning of the 20th century in the community, whose name is well known from schools because of the famous battle between the Habsburg Rudolf I and the Bohemian King Ottokar, is already clearly documented in this new Topotheque.