Ehrung, Krems
Ehrung im Rathaus: GR Elisabeth Kreuzhuber, Topothekarin Maria Schiffinger, Bürgermeister Dr. Reinhard Resch, Topothekarin Dagmar Engel, Dr. Thomas Müller, Franz Karl, Kultur-Bereichsleiterin Doris Denk und Kulturamtsleiter Gregor Kremser (vlnr.) © Stadt Krems

A / NOE: Krems: Topotheque- Aniversary and Honor

The 5th anniversary of the Krems Topotheque was the occasion for the city to bring the honorary Topothequers in front of the curtain. For this, Mayor Dr. Reinhard Resch to the initiator of the Topotheque of the City of Krems, Dr. Thomas Müller, at a reception, the honorary pin of the city of Krems in gold with laurel, representing the entire team of around 20 honorary topothequers. At this celebration he also thanked Maria Schiffinger, Dagmar Engel and Franz Karl for their commitment. The meticulous work has already had great success: with 12,000 files, the Topotheque of Krems is now one of the most comprehensive in the country and welcomes many visitors.

Thomas Müller and Mayor Reinhard REsch handing over the badge of honor and the certificate © Stadt Krems