White doves in Weissenbach ("White Creek") about 1940 © Familie Dorner

A / NOE: Hinterbrühl: Topotheqe online

The municipality of Hinterbrühl, which has now made its Topotheque accessible, is located in the Vienna Woods south-east of Vienna. At the start, the focus is on the entries in the district of Weissenbach. The numerous family photos that document rural life at the beginning of affordable photography, especially in the 1930s, are remarkable. The Topotheque group with Robert Dorner, Karl Gruber, Susanne Nebauer and Christa Sulzer have already been able to draw on many private contacts that make these interesting and true-to-life insights possible. Perhaps you have witnessed the everyday life of youth yourself … do you have a shilling for the candy machine? (And in reality you bought your first cigarettes).