In 1947, horses were part of everyday life. © Josef Schuckert

A / NOE: Wilhelmsdorf: Topotheque online

With the Wilhelmsdorf Topotheque, the historical mosaic of the villages of Poysdorf has now been completed. The Topothek team with Christa Helmer, Robert Detz and Karl Rieder brings to light images that awaken many memories. Perhaps the older Wilhelmsdorf residents will still remember the golden jubilee of Prelate Strobl, when the photos make it seem as if the entire village was on its feet. Beyond the memories are the oldest photos: portraits that even go back to the 19th century. Structural changes are documented, as are celebrations, leisure activities, pilgrimages, everyday work and the landscape. In any case, don‘t miss the stunt of Pepi Stuckert with his tractor!