Ottensheim station, quite a few kilometers away from Feldkirchen, was th transhopment point for fertilizers, wood, molasses, cement, chicory, sugar beet, sugar beet pulp and much more for Feldkirchen´s agriculture. © Fritz Rechberger

A / OOE: Feldkirchen/Donau Topotheque online

A railway in Feldkirchen an der Donau? No, Ottensheim train station, 10 km from the Feldkirchen, used to be the point of contact for goods and travellers. When you get off here on the virtual time travel train from Linz, you can look forward to the exemplary Topotheque of Feldkirchen an der Donau. It went online in January with over 2,000 entries, which are perfectly described in detail. The local team with Peter Bruckmüller, Robert Gumpenberger, Martin Leibetseder, Herbert Schatzl, Fritz Rechberger and Elisabeth Schiller has prepared a large selection of topics on local history. As special curiosities of the historical mosaic, a few examples should be singled out: the colony report to the state beekeeping association in 1946, an atmospheric picture of the feathers clipping at Candlemas 1965 and a picture including the history of the „Unruhnacht-Bank“ from the year 1986. What is it all about? has? See for yourself and climb into the past of Feldkirchen an der Donau.