When there was still anough snow: winter 1955 © Franz Kornfeld, Karl Handler

A / NOE: Wiesmath: Topotheque online

There was a lot of snow here, in the Bucklige Welt, up until the 1970s, as the Topotheque of the market town of Wiesmath tells us. Franz Kornfeld has made visible a first selection of pictorial and textual documents that cover many areas of local history. Numerous documentations from a construction company show the earlier construction methods, such as how roof trusses were lifted into position with poles without a crane or pits were of course still lifted with a shovel. Road construction photos from 1934, saved at the last moment, are special evidence of an earlier working world. There is an extensive collection of the buses operating in the post-war years, as well as a remarkable typewritten chronicle by Josef Ostermann. It contains, for example, the considerations as to whether and where the Floriani column should be moved in 1960 because the traffic areas take up more space. The series of images from the opening of the elementary school and the anniversary of the market survey are already visible. To cool off, the ice cream price table from 1971 is recommended, in which, in addition to memories, the astonishment at the prices at that time will probably come to life.