Party mood in Kleinlinden: the Topotheque is online © Gerhard Rinn, OVA

D / HE: Kleinlinden: Topotheque online

In the middle of the State of Hesse, as a district of the university town of Gießen, lies the formerly independent municipality of Kleinlinden. The working group “Orts- und Vereinsarchiv Kleinlinden e.V.”, “OVA” for short, has put its Topotheque online here. Extensive lists of topics already give a detailed overview of Kleinlinden‘s everyday life and allow a quick look into the depths of the individual companies and clubs. The fire brigade and society association “Burgundia” represent strong blocks right from the start. The numerous pictures of parades provide not only the documentation of many persons but also interesting views of the place. This shows that the photos related to the occasion have a historical added value that the photographers probably did not even consider at the time the photos were taken. Street views, as in picture 184868, would hardly have been created without the fair parade and offer a unique source for the local and building history of the early post-war years. Travel virtually into the past of Kleinlinden, this year the number of 1,000 entries will be reached!