You can find out what 10 liters of heating oil cost in 1977 under ID 911428 © Scan: Goldhauben Neustift

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The municipality of Neustift im Mühlkreis is located where the left bank of the Danube begins to run in Austria. In 1765, the border between Bavaria and Austria was defined with a state treaty. Two entries already refer to this line on the map. Right from the start of this Topotheque, the Topothequers focused on a wide variety of topics. Whether church consecration, building activities, traditional handicrafts, Goldhauben (gold cap) tradition, fire brigade or working life: there are many points of contact for new historical sources to be added. An interesting aspect of this collection are the numerous documents such as a confirmation of home rights or proof of employment from 1925. The employer at the time, the Stern und Hafferl company, will probably be familiar to railway enthusiasts. They are official traces that give an idea of ​​personal destinies. Quite a number of invoices are noteworthy for financial history, which, in addition to the products that were common in the past, also document their value at the time. In 1985, a pair of men‘s shoes cost 400 shillings. You can see how much a liter of heating oil cost in 1977 under 911428.