Music connects: the Neukirchner Nochzeigsmusi visits Hallstadt in 1954 © Ulrike Harringer

A / OOE: Neukirchen an der Vöckla: Topotheque online

Neukirchen an der Vöckla was the first topotheque in the Upper Austrian district of Vöcklabruck to go online. The activation took place in the full ballroom of the Gasthof Böckhiasl, which itself can look back on a long tradition and can of course be found on old photos in the topotheque. Welcomed and introduced by Mayor Heidi Fellinger, Topothequers Sepp Einzenberger and Anton Katzlberger presented a selection of the content, including the dramatic events, which a Neukirchner group of the Alpine Club had to experience on the Großglockner in 1983. Topothequer Gabriel Schick established contact with the visitors in order to obtain further information and material for the topotheque, for which large stocks are already waiting to be entered, and Alexander Schatek explained the history of the origins and how to operate a Topotheque.
It is hardly a coincidence that the Gasthof Böckhiasl had an advertising sign for Zipfer beer in the 1960s, thanks to the fact that the Zipf brewery was located in the eponymous local area lies. Like the Stehrerhof open-air museum, it is one of the fixed points of the municipality in the Topotheque. There are also interesting things to discover about the first fish farm in the monarchy: In 1863, Johann Köttl founded the “Hanns Köttlsche Fischzucht-Anstalt” from which a number of images were digitally compiled. Now the population is called upon to enrich this new Topotheque.